Meltblown nonwoven fabrics - 30 gsm for medical masks production.

For sale PP Meltblown cloth 30 gsm. Electrically charged. BFE > 99% (ASTM F2101-14) Air permeability 230 L/m²/s (NWSP 07...

Price on request


Meltblown nonwoven fabrics - 50 gsm for medical masks production.

For sale PP Meltblown electrically charged. BFE > 99% Air permeability 140 L/m²/s (NWSP 070.1 R0(15) at 125 Pa) Air perme...

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PP MELTBLOWN for filtration

For sale PP Meltblown single layer for filtration applications. Product can be Electrically charged. Product weight from...

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PP Nonwoven Spunbond SMS - 25 gr/m² for medical use.

For sale, PP SMS Spunbond with hydrophobic treatment. MOQ One 40 HC - 12 Tons.

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Nonwoven Spunbond SMS 40 gr/m²- hydrophobic for medical applications

For sale PP Spunbond SMS - hydrophobic treatment - 40 gsm MOQ One 40 HC - 12 Tons Color: blue medical

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Needle punching production line

- Two carding-feeder - Two carding machines - Two crosslapper - One needle loom - One complete control system

Price on request


Hergeth / Hollingsworth Blending line

3x Bale Opener 1x Mixing Belt 1x Mixing Opener 1x Fine Opener

Price on request


Edelmann End of line

Accumulator 7x length cut 1x crosscut Winder

Price on request


Asselin Web drafter

3x Trio Including control system

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Fleissner Drum dryer

Heated by direct gas New Weishaupt burners in 2004 Including control system Including calender: Can be used with rubber o...

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