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What can you do ? 

SELL your raw materials, nonwovens, machineries, spare parts, scraps, B grade products, services, ...

FIND your Nonwoven fabrics or whatever you need to produce it.

ADVERTISE to promote your company and drive traffic to your business.- 4500 visitors per months - 1,5 % < CTR < 2%


Who can use it ? 

- All raw material suppliers (fibers, chips, flakes, binder, carriers, super absorbents,....)

- Machineries and components suppliers.

- Nonwoven fabrics manufacturers


- Final users of nonwovens 

- Consultancy companies 

- Head Hunters


User-friendly and extremely powerful, e-nispe connects all the players of the Nonwovens Industry. Raw material producers, machineries and components suppliers, roll goods manufacturers, converters and end-users, all the players of this innovative world can be present on e-nispe ! For general buyers or visitors, the access to is free and without registration.

The sellers have to create their company account and immediately can deposit their ads in the choosen category with photos and description texts (for more informations about prices, take a look on home page section PRICING)

Apart the annual subscription fee, the platform have no further charges neither potential commissions. 

The subscription is universal per companyu and not per user. This means that the number of users per company is unlimited with one single registration. All departments can use it: purchsing, production, R&D, sales, marketing, General Manager, ... and this for the same price.


Registration and advertisement payment possible directly on the platform with credit card or by bank transfer following reception of the e-nispe invoice (in this case, contact us on


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