E-nispe - the trading network  reserved exclusively for the Non-Woven Fabrics Industry.

E-nispe is your essential partner whether you are a producer, transformer, supplier, equipment manufacturer, research centre, consultancy, higher education institution, recruitment firm, professional organisation or end user.

E-nispe is a cross-disciplinary platform dedicated to all the departments of a company. All the user company's departments can access the platform with a single subscription.

The marketing and sales departments promote their company, products and services. They can use a mini-site, a personal E-nispe page, dedicated entirely to them to promote and present their company on the platform.

The procurement, logistics, technical, HR and quality departments can find their raw materials and consumables, equipment and technical components and human resources. Everything they need to produce, transform or buy Non-Woven Fabrics can be found on E-nispe.

Senior management can increase their teams' efficiency and gain an overview of the global Non-Woven fabrics sector, finding the right partners to boost their growth, profits and visibility.



At E-nispe we aim to be a leading global link for buyers & Suppliers and to serve all size customers from the Nonwovens Industry, where trading will happen without brokers !  


Creating business opportunities for all Non-Woven Fabrics professionals through E-nispe.

Facilitating flows of information between all the players in a constantly changing sector.

Easing commercial exchanges across the world for large and small producers within the Nonwoven Industry.

An essential partner for all companies, small or large, helping them increase their added value, boost their profits and maximise their efficiency.




We want to develop to first digital network 100% dedicated to the Nonwovens Industry who puts all Non-Woven fabrics professionals and customers in contact with each other, making them more effective to grow their business ! 

How ?

E-nispe brings sellers and buyers from all over the world together. Thanks to an annual subscription, users can access a vast database of companies, products and services. The database contains everything they need to produce, transform, sell or buy non-woven fabrics or services.

E-nispe promotes companies and adds value. The platform amplifies and intensifies their visibility by supplying advertising space and a mini-site for each company, where they can present their brand and products to the world alongside the biggest names in the Nonwovens Industry. 


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