REICOFIL Meltblown line 3,2 meter for sale ! Excellent conditions.

REICOFIL Meltblown line for sale in 3,2 meter width. Excellent price conditions. Great Opportunity. We can provide assista...



PP Spunbond 25 and 50 gsm 260 mm width Price: 1,55 €/kg

PP Spunbond 25 gsm - width 260 mm Roll diameter: 600 mm roll length: 2700 m Quantities: 30 tons PP Spunbond 50 gsm...

Price on request


For sale PP Meltblown 17 gsm for surgical mask production

For sale 8 tons of pp meltblown 17 gsm for surgical masks production according to standard 14683 Roll lenght: 1800 and 3...

Price on request


100% Biodegradable PLA Meltblown and Spunbond nonwoven fabric for surgical masks.

100% PLA Meltblown and Spunbond for the production of surgical masks according to standard EN14683. Weight: 30 gsm Width...

Price on request


12 gsm meltblown for surgical masks with 40 gsm spun for type IIR and 15 gsm spun for typ II

Discover our ultralight 12 gsm meltblown used to produce surgical masks. Our product is combined with a: 15 gsm spunbond...

Price on request


Cabin Air Filter - high filtration efficiency, low pressure drop

High quality Cabin Air Filter composed by a high quality meltblown add on a Spunbond or spunlace carrier according to your...

Price on request


15 gsm PP Meltblown BFE > 98%

15 gsm PP Meltblown to use for your surgical masks production. BFE > 98% Low delta P < 16 Pa/cm² High breathability

Price on request


Black meltblown for surgical mask production by MELTBLO France

Black PP meltblown produced by MELTBLO France. Weight: 25 gsm widht: 175 mm BFE > 99,6%

Price on request


PP MELTBLOWN 17 gsm for face mask production BFE > 98%. Pressure drop < 18 Pa/cm²

Electret PP MELTBLOWN for medical face masks production. Basis weight: 17 gsm Width: on request. High filtration efficie...

Price on request


PP Nonwoven Meltblown fabrics for FFP2 masks

Supply high quality meltblown fabrics to produce FFP2 masks. Basis weight to reach EN149 Standards: 23 gsm to use in 2 La...

Price on request