Homopolymer PP Chips for Meltblown nonwovens production

PP Homopolyper chips MFR 1200 and 1300 on request. Useful for PP Meltblown production for face maskes

Price on request


Polyester fiber for your nonwoven fabrics by Lomat

To sell Polyester staple fiber Tenacity 4.8 g/d Semi dull raw white solid cutting length: 32 / 38 / 44 / 51 64 mm

Price on request


Hydrophilic masterbatch for your PP Spunbond and Meltblown

Our special way to impart surface hydrophilicity into polypropylene is blending of the melt additives during the fiber spinning...

Price on request


Acrylic staple fiber 3 denier / 51 mm RW by LOMAT

Acrylic staple fiber 3 denier / 51 mm RW AMICOR (triclosan free) Quantity: +/- 11'000 Kg

Price on request


PA 6.6 Staple fiber 6.7 dtex by LOMAT International

PA 6.6 Staple fiber 6.7 dtex for several applications

Price on request


Polyester Low Melt Staple Fiber by LOMAT International BV

Polyester staple fiber (TPA) processing, Raw white, bicomponent sheath and core Low melt fiber with 110°C melting point semi...

Price on request


PP Chips

To sell PP Homopolymer chips Melt index 18 g/10 min Density 0.9 g/cm3

Price on request


Polyester Fiber FR

To sell Polyester staple fiber - Flam retardant semi-dull raw white tenacity 5.5 g/d Hot air shrinkage < 5.0 % L/L max

Price on request