EGO 3500 SBD for your nonwoven carding machine by Montenero.

EGO 3500 SBD electronic doffing system offers important facilities: ยง No maintenance: with this system you only...

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Universal Winding core adapter COREXAL - Roll concept by SPOOLEX

Do you know how to reduce downtime during your production process? Thanks to our great experience in winding mandrels manufacturing,...

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Comb Blades for flycomb system on Nonwovens carding machines

Spare comb blades for any type of flycomb system. Blades manufactured at Montenero (Made in Italy). Available all TPI from 4...

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Used Comb Boxes for Nonwovens carding machines by MONTENERO

At Montenero OMTP sas, we now have some good old comb boxes ready for refurbishment. We have complete comb systems that can be...

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