B-grade non woven spunlace

B-grade non woven spunlace for wipes and wet wipes. 30-60 gsm, white, made in EU, polyester-viscose.

€0.53 / kg


Spunbond Pes

Pes Spunbond rolls white and coloured width from 70 till 220 cm 60 till 180 gsm

Price on request


Airlaid side runns

Hygiene Airlaid side runs rolls white, gsm 50 PM2, width from 8 cm till 15 cm plain quality wet strength absorbent.

€0.20 / kg


PES/Polyamid microfilament nonwoven from 35 to 96 gr/m²

PES/Polyamid microfilament textiles high-technology, outstanding properties, endless possibilities Weight between 35 and 96...

Price on request


Tack Cleaning Wipe

Tack Cleaning Wipe rolls , ant static ,absorbent,siliconfree,

Price on request