Photo meltblown MELTBLO France.png
Photo meltblown MELTBLO France.png

PP MELTBLOWN 34 gsm for FFP3 masks

Electro charged PP Meltblown for FFP3 face masks.
Basis weight 34 gsm to use in 2 layers to reach EN 149 Standard for FFP3 face masks.
Paraffin oil filtration > 99%

Product Information

Price per area €0.00 / m2
Application Medical
Raw material PP
Width 0.21 m
Weight 34.00 g/m2
Color white
Thickness 0.00 mm
Elongation cd 0.00 %
Elongation md 0.00 %
Country of origin France
Brand MELTBLO France
Fiber treatment Electrically charged
Tensile strength cd 0.00 N / 5 cm
Tensile strength md 0.00 N / 5 cm