In 2018, the hygiene segment represent the largest market in the nonwovens industry in Greater Europe with 56,3% (total deliveries in m²) and 27,9% (total deliveries in tonnage)

                                                                                                       Million M²                                   Tonnage 

Total Greater Euopean deliveries:                                              74'857                                        2'736'000 

The filtration market is divided in 2 sub segments and represent in 2018 in Greater Europe:

                                                                               Million m²              Tonnage

- Air / Gas filtration                                                    833,7                   65200 To

- Liquid filtration (exclude drinkable filtration)        488,1                   31900 to


Which applications are include in the filtration segment:

Air/Gas filtration: 

- Domestic / in-home filters (HVAC and vacuum cleaners)

- Industrial filters (ind. HVAC, factory and power plant filters)

- Automotive filters (engine and cabin air filters)

Liquid filtration:

- Edible and hot oil filters

- Pool and spa filters 

- Water filters 

- Blood filters 

- Automotive oil and fuel filters


Actual nonwoven production processes approx. repartition  to produce this filters:



15% Spunbond 

5% Meltblown 

71% Carded process

5% Other 



22% Spunbond 

29% Meltblown 

34% Carded 

15% other