Matière première 7.jpg
Matière première 7.jpg

Polyester fiber for your nonwoven fabrics by Lomat

To sell Polyester staple fiber
Tenacity 4.8 g/d
Semi dull raw white solid
cutting length: 32 / 38 / 44 / 51 64 mm

Product Information

Price by weight $0.00 / kg
Application Automotive, Building, Cable wrapping, Clothing, Footwear, baggage, Filtration, Household, Industrial, Medical
Raw material PES
Titer 1.60 dtex
Cutting length 64.00 mm
Tenacity 0.00 N/tex
Elongation 63.00 %
Color White
Crimp 5.00 Crimp/cm
Country of origin Belgium
Brand Origin Indonesia
Fiber treatment None