Thermobonding Oven

The machine has a symmetrical configuration, which allows:

Easy cleaning and maintenance from both the sides of the oven.
Most uniform web quality along the working width, for all the different speeds of the air circulation fan.

For each half heating section (1000 mm length) it is possible to adjust the air flow direction:
from top to bottom
from bottom to top
The cooling section can operate with volumizing effect.

Automatic adjustment of the working width and thikness from touch panel.

Heat recovery system!

Product Information

Price €0.00
Application Absorbent Hygiene Product, Agriculture and Horticulture, Automotive, Building, Civil engineering and geotextile, Clothing, Footwear, baggage, Filtration, Household, Industrial, Industrial wipes, Medical, Personal care products, Personal care wipes, Protective clothing
Raw material PES, PP, PA, PE, PBT, Recycled Fibers, Natural Fibers, Technical Fibers, Bicomponent Fibers, Cotton, Flam retardant, Viscose, Micro fibers, PP Chips, PES Chips, PA chips, PBT chips, PE Chips, Bottleflakes, Chemicals / Resins, Hot Melt Adhesive, Miscelleanous, Cellulose
Width 0.00 m
Line speed 0.00 m/min
Electric power 0.00 kW
Gas power 0.00 kW
Brand TECHNOplants Multiline Oven
Drum diameter 0.00 m
Drying length 0.00 m
Maxi heating temperatur 0.00 °C