Airlay System

The widest all-around performances in the airlaying sector:

Synthetic, artificial and natural fibers
Virgin, recycled and regenerated fibers
All types: Hemp, Cotton, Kenaf, Polyester, Glass fiber, Polypropylene, wool, Shoddy, Recycled, Carbon Fiber, Cashmere, Flax, Mineral Fibers, Sugar cane, Mattress waste, Recycled paper, Jute, Leather, Wood, Coconut, Basalt, Tires, Sisal, Seaweed, Moss, Aramid fiber

From 50 to 15.000 gsm

Bicomponent fibers, fusible fibers or thermoplastic powders as binder

All with one machine. No mechanical adjustments, no downtimes to pass from one product to another.

The machine is composed of three sections which can work independently or together: Former - Pre-Card - Airlay Card.

Product Information

Price €0.00
Application Absorbent Hygiene Product, Automotive, Building, Clothing, Footwear, baggage, Filtration, Household, Industrial wipes, Medical, Personal care products, Personal care wipes, Protective clothing
Raw material PP, PA, PE, PBT, Recycled Fibers, Natural Fibers, Technical Fibers, Bicomponent Fibers, Flam retardant, Viscose, Micro fibers, Bottleflakes, Miscelleanous
Width 0.00 m
Productivity 1,500.00 kg/h
Electric power 200.00 kW
Gas power 0.00 kW
Brand TECHNOplants MULTIline