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Winder 500x500.jpg
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Automatic winder for your Nonwoven fabrics by ACM

The automatic winder is developed to wind nonwoven fabric with speed from 0 to max 100 m/min, provided with automatic roll change.
The winder is developed for in-line application, with automatic roll change; it is provided with dandy rolls for precise and adjustable product tensioning (winding density), edge trimming system with high performance trim suction system and longitudinal cutting system (slitting unit). The winder can produce rolls according to the length (meters) or according to the diameter of the roll. When the roll has reached the set dimension (length or diameter) the winder cut the tape and change automatically the roll. The finished roll reach the download area and the winder checks the roll’s weight. The automatic version includes the download of the rolls, performed automatically.

Product Information

Price €0.00
Application Absorbent Hygiene Product
Raw material PES, Cotton, Viscose
Width 0.00 m
Productivity 0.00 kg/h
Line speed 100.00 m/min
Min weight 0.00 g/m2
Max weight 0.00 g/m2
Electric power 0.00 kW
Gas power 0.00 kW
Brand ACM Engineering
Water pressure 0.00 bar
Number of injectors 0.00